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March 06, 2008

Download Youtube videos, Flickr photos and more...

Webaroo has been hard at work on a newer, slicker and faster version. We made so much progress, that this version is called Webaroo 2! There are a ton of new features for download enthusiasts.

We have added video downloading to Webaroo. You can download videos from Youtube, Metacafe, Google, etc. and build your video collection. It is also easy to download videos by tag and subscribe to Youtube or Metacafe channels. And the most exciting feature is where Webaroo automatically stores all the videos played via Firefox.

You can also download Flickr photos and stay up to date on your friend's photos, or any tag, group or photoset you are interested in. Webaroo periodically checks Flickr for the photos you've subscribed to, and auto-downloads them to your computer.

We've kept the old ability to download web sites, and added an intelligent RSS feed reader that downloads the stories to your computer as well.

There's a lot more in Webaroo 2, but we'd like you to find out for yourself. Go to my.webaroo.com and download the all new Webaroo!

Happy downloading!!!

~Webaroo 2 team


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