March 06, 2008

Download Youtube videos, Flickr photos and more...

Webaroo has been hard at work on a newer, slicker and faster version. We made so much progress, that this version is called Webaroo 2! There are a ton of new features for download enthusiasts.

We have added video downloading to Webaroo. You can download videos from Youtube, Metacafe, Google, etc. and build your video collection. It is also easy to download videos by tag and subscribe to Youtube or Metacafe channels. And the most exciting feature is where Webaroo automatically stores all the videos played via Firefox.

You can also download Flickr photos and stay up to date on your friend's photos, or any tag, group or photoset you are interested in. Webaroo periodically checks Flickr for the photos you've subscribed to, and auto-downloads them to your computer.

We've kept the old ability to download web sites, and added an intelligent RSS feed reader that downloads the stories to your computer as well.

There's a lot more in Webaroo 2, but we'd like you to find out for yourself. Go to and download the all new Webaroo!

Happy downloading!!!

~Webaroo 2 team

October 24, 2007

WikiSlice... Ahh Delicious

It's the Wikipedia globe outside and a delicious orange inside. I am talking about the WikiSlice logo. It's our latest product and it's being noticed around the web world. Have a look.


What are WikiSlices? 

WikiSlice as the name suggests is a slice of Wikipedia based on a particular topic.

Some Features

  • WikiSlices make Wikipedia easy to explore.
  • You can view Wikipedia topics and sub-topics before viewing actual pages.
  • You can download it on your desktop or laptop and access the information even when you are offline or on the go.

September 04, 2007

Pin in the Haystack

A slide show that tells you more about Search Radar.

August 26, 2007

Search gets a new Radar

We are back with a better looking and better working Search Radar.
Have a look at the make-over on this page - Search Radar home.
We now also have a plug-in for Internet Explorer. The plug-ins for both IE and Firefox integrate seamlessly with your browser and display relevant search results alongside your searches on Google or Yahoo. If you feel like bettering the search results, you can click on one of the suggested queries. The queries come with a small excerpt of what results you can expect on clicking them.

So have a go and try out the technology, we are sure you will love it. And don't forget to leave us feedback if you have any.

June 29, 2007

The index on 29th June, 2007

Prices as of 29th June, 2007, 0700 hours

Hard Disk Drives (external)

Size (GB) 320 500 1000
Index ($/GB) 0.29 0.23 0.28
Last 0.29 0.22 0.29

Best Deal -- LaCie 500 GB drive for 114 USDs

Portable Disk Drives

Size (GB) 80 120 160
Index ($/GB) 0.88 0.67 0.62
Last 0.94 0.74 0.56

Best Deal -- LaCie 160GB for 100 USDs

USB Flash Drives

Size (GB) 2 4 8
Index ($/GB) 8.00 8.25 9.25
Last 8.00 8.75 7.25

Best Deal -- Transcend 2GB for 16 USDs

Flash Memory Sticks

Size (GB) 0.512 1 2
Index ($/GB) 12.00 8.00 7.70
Last 11.00 8.95 7.75

Best Deal -- Kingston SD Card 2 GB for 15.4 USDs

June 18, 2007

Poor Little Rich Blogs

There's a nice presentation on our SMS GupShup product on It gives a good idea about the product and how bloggers can use it for themselves. The presentation was displayed at the blogcampune. Have a look and pass it on.

June 14, 2007

Enjoy your favorite web content on a Blackberry

The Webaroo mobile application can now be run on a Blackberry. Cache your favorite rss feeds, mails, web content and read it on the go.

A wide a variety of content is available to access on the Blackberry. You can have a look at it here.

Almost all Blackberry devices are supported. If you have questions on a particular device, you can get in touch with us - support at webaroo dot com.

To download the software on your Blackberry device, point your device browser to

You will need an active GPRS connection to access the above url on your Blackberry.

Roos At Ten

A few days back CenterNetworks interviewed Joshua Gross, 18 year old founder of TapeFailure and in the interview he mentions that he has been programming for about 9 years now. Which means he began coding when he was about 10. We asked some of our fellow Roo's what were they doing when they were 10 and here are the more interesting answers:

Amol was wielding brushes and crayons and sketching random things in his drawing book, riding his first bicycle and secretly admiring a classmate named Meenakshi. Today he does UI designing and rides a Enfield Bullet. Also a lot of women secretly admire him.

Ashish was playing volley-ball, building models of airports, writing poetry and getting thrown out of class for running amok with ink and scissors in the classroom. Now he codes, innovates and is known for his persuasion skills, none of which involve ink or scissors. Incidentally he saw his first  computer in the year 2000 after joining IIT.

Apparently Shilpi spent most of her time fighting with her 3 brothers. Today she handles content related issues. Also her experience with her 4 pet cats helps her maintain peace between the engineers and the non-engineers.

And as for myself: I was getting introduced to pulp fiction through Jeffery Archer and getting bullied at school (I was taking Karate lessons too - apparently they didn't help much). I wanted to be a bigtime scientist then. Today, I find rock music more interesting!! :-)

June 11, 2007

The index for this week - June 11th

Prices as of 31st May, 2007, 0730 hours

Hard Disk Drives (external)

Size (GB) 320 500 1000
Index ($/GB) 0.29 0.22 0.29
Last week's 0.28 0.24 0.28

Best Deal -- LaCie 500 GB drive for 108 USDs

Portable Disk Drives

Size (GB) 80 120 160
Index ($/GB) 0.94 0.74 0.56
Last week's 0.98 0.71 0.68

Best Deal -- LaCie 160GB for 89 USDs

USB Flash Drives

Size (GB) 2 4 8
Index ($/GB) 8.00 8.75 7.25
Last week's 7.50 8.25 7.25

Best Deal -- PNY 8GB for 58 USDs

Flash Memory Sticks

Size (GB) 0.512 1 2
Index ($/GB) 11.00 8.95 7.75
Last week's 10.70 8.49 6.00

Best Deal -- Kingston SD Card 2 GB for 15.5 USDs

June 08, 2007

Webaroo on PQI USB devices

Hey! Webaroo is now available on PQI USB devices.

PQI recently launched the Traveling Disk H Series of USB devices that come in 512 MB - 4 GB variants. These devices are equipped with a technology called ReadyBoost support, that makes content transfer faster as compared to other devices. The device is a good-looking one and is Windows Vista compatible.

It comes pre-loaded with Webaroo, so that you can use it to plug and play web content stored on the device from any computer.


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